4.31 The useItemInstance hook provides components the ability to access and manipulate a specific item instance.

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The useItemInstance hook is utilized to interact with a distinct item. Developers can access and manage that item’s properties and trigger a re-render when necessary.


To retrieve the instance of an item, call useItemInstance with the item's ID as an argument. This ID is a string that uniquely identifies the item within the page.



  • Type: string

  • Description: The property instance._id returns the unique identifier of the item.


  • Type: any

  • Description: This property holds the data associated with the item, which can be used to render the item or determine its behavior.


  • Type: HTMLElement | null

  • Description: Provides a reference to the item's corresponding DOM node, allowing direct manipulation of the item in the DOM.



  • Arguments: None.

  • Returns: Void.

  • Description: When called, instance.triggerUpdate() will cause the item to re-render. This is useful when the item's state changes and you need to reflect these changes in the UI.

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