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4.4 The getSelectedProductOption returns the selected product options from the request's search parameters.

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In a Weaverse Hydrogen Theme, getSelectedProductOptions serves as an essential utility for capturing customer selections on product pages. This function simplifies the process of extracting and handling user-selected product variants.


This utility is intended for server-side use, such as within a route's loader or a component's loader function, and is specifically tailored for use on product pages.

Return Value

The getSelectedProductOptions utility returns an object where the keys are option names (such as "Color" or "Size") and the values are the selected options by the customer as indicated in the request's search parameters.

Scope of Use

This utility is specifically designed for use on the product page only within the Weaverse Hydrogen theme. It is NOT intended for non-product pages as it relies on the context of a product and its selectable options.

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