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Deploy to Shopify Oxygen
Deploy to Shopify Oxygen

3.1 Deploying Weaverse Hydrogen Project to Shopify Oxygen.

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Deploying Weaverse Hydrogen Project to Shopify Oxygen

The Weaverse Hydrogen project is designed to be Oxygen-ready, streamlining the deployment process to Shopify Oxygen. You can follow the official Oxygen documentation or adhere to the simplified steps outlined below to deploy your project:

Deployment Steps

Install Hydrogen App

Navigate to Shopify Hydrogen App and install the Hydrogen app to your Shopify store.

Create Storefront

Open the Hydrogen app within your Shopify store and click on "Create storefront" button

Connect Repository

  • Choose the option "Connect existing repository"

  • Select your created Weaverse Hydrogen repository and click "Connect"

Merge Pull Request

  • The Hydrogen app will prompt you to merge a pull request to add their GitHub Action for deployment to Oxygen.

  • Merge the pull request and wait for the Github Action to build.

Environment Configuration

  • Once the Hydrogen storefront is built, navigate to "Storefront settings", then "Environments and variables"

  • Add WEAVERSE_PROJECT_ID to your environment variables. You can obtain the project ID from the Weaverse Studio under the Project Settings panel.

Rebuild and Publish

After updating the environment variables, you may need to rebuild and publish the storefront to make it live.

Additional Resources

For a more detailed understanding, refer to the Shopify Oxygen documentation.
By following these steps, you can successfully deploy your Weaverse Hydrogen project to Shopify Oxygen and ensure it's configured correctly to serve your storefront.

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